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LOve In Lock DoWn – what after bridal postponements

Being in the eye of the storm feels like everyone’s worst nightmare. Being a Owner of four hospitality based businesses feels like a tone of bricks fell on My head and the world may as well Just end. Postponement after postponement. No exact dates to work with ?? Who knows when the next available date will be ? What if we as suppliers aren’t even available for the NEW dates ?

BRIDES we get it !!! IT is simply unimaginable that your date set for your wedding is now postponed or cancelled.BUT its not all doom and Gloom from here !!! We sympathise for our brides who have had to cancel or postpone their day they have been planning since they were little girls.

Planning is a journey . Its that dream journey that represents you and who you stand for. Postponement might just benefit what still needed to be planned.

There has been a bunch of talk about uncertainty and fear about when to plan your next date, I want to put your minds at ease and say that this to will be over.. In 2020 we are not sure of when to postpone to but can only see that 2021 will be prosperous, exciting and a year to focus on your special day.

So start your planning journey now. Focus on what you may have missed if your wedding had come sooner. Friends that couldn’t attend before can now possibly attend. That specific flower you may have wanted and wasn’t in season may just be blooming over your new date. There is so much positive around the re schedule and postponement of your NEW date. Let’s Get excited. Let’s talk the prospect.

I have personally put together packages for our future brides that include local accommodation, A NEW wedding space, Shuttles and service staff all being inclusive on your special day. WE here to start that journey again . Lets get positive around the prospect of POSTPONING and plan the finer details we missed out on because of our time constraints.

With love

Nicky Cawood

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