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WEDDING PLANNING MUST GO ON – mindful planning

There has been Much debate about how to deal with Postponement . When to set a new date and how to restart the planning process. Having four businesses that are service providers to the wedding industry in the KZN midlands makes for a tough pill to swallow. The uncertainty of when the industry will open up again becomes a punch to the stomach . I am sure many industry players can resonate with this. The question of when I will receive an income ? or how will I pay my staff ? do I keep them on ? are common thoughts spinning around my head. However we must not fail to plan.

After business meetings with my business coach every week the the key to success is to not fail to plan. This goes for our brides to. Your wedding Day has been something you have been planning since you were a little girl you deserve to keep dreaming about your special day.

Get excited about the prospect of exploring new avenues. You may have wanted billions of flowers but the new option may have to be local garden cut roses over imported peonies. It might just be that potted plants are more effective on your table and fruit display may just become the next big trend.Why not decorate a table with citrus fruit and feed it to the hungry the day after. Don’t get me wrong I adore flowers but maybe more thought needs to go into what use we have after we have cut all those flowers. While cut flowers maybe a thing of the past it doesn’t stop anyone hiring in potted roses.I call it mindful planning.

We need to focus on a mindful way of planning in 2021. From our food choices to our floral desires there is much need to focus on what wastage we have created. We allowed to be extravagant with mindful choices. Lets get creative and excited about the new trends to look forward to. Lets become leaders in a space where consumables and wastage are a sensitive topic. Lets learn the lessons from this pandemic and in still them in the way we go about planning our events.

I encourage you, wether you a service provider or a bride to be excited about new avenues. Lets keep the eye on the ball. Make your dreams achievable. its all very well having a great idea, But if we fail to plan then we plan to fail.

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